Menjushri Meditation and Dharma Questions and Answers.

Please join us on the last Saturday of each month for a short Tibetan meditation practice followed by a question and answer session with our Resident Dharma instructor Soepa Tulku. This practice is open to everyone and is a great place for beginners to come and learn about Buddhism and meditation and have their questions answered. 

Soepa Tulku specifically wants this to be a time when people to can come with questions about Buddhism that they want answered and he will make himself available after the meditation to answer any and all questions. 

The Last Saturday of each month. 4pm. Kampo Gangra Drubyudling Buddhist Meditation Centre.
The Following Dates: November 30th, (Dec. we will skip) January 25th, Feb. 29th

Free or by donation.

Teaching on Chenrezig Meditation 

New to the centre? Want to learn about how visualization practice is done in Vajrayana Buddhism? Or how to deepen your meditation? Come on the first Friday of each month for a short teaching followed by a walk through of the practice we do every Friday at KGDL.

Ngakpa Senge Dorje has been practicing the profound Meditation Practice of the All Compassionate One Chenrezig for over 40 years. He leads our regular Friday evening sittings of Chenrezig practice and will give a short talk and instructions on the practice on the first Friday of each month. 

First Friday of each month. 7:30pm  at Kampo Gangra Drubyudling Buddhist Meditation Centre.
Free or by donation.
Open to anyone.

Holiday Story Telling Night - Tales of Bodhisattvas

A bodhisattva - Any sentient being who is on the path to Buddhahood. Bodhisattvas are known for their all-encompassing loving kindness and their acts of great compassion and wisdom. 

Come celebrate compassion - the spirit of the holiday season.
Join us for an evening of tea, snacks and story sharing. We will tell stories about famous Buddhist masters of the past, people who have inspired us with their own compassion, and others who embody the bodhisattva spirit.

The night will start off with a few invited people who will share some stories and then a general discussion where anyone can share a story if they wish.

This is open to anyone, Buddhist or not, to come share, learn and meet each other. 
December 22nd, 3pm
At Kampo Gangra Buddhist Meditation Centre

Chenrezig Sadhana Practice

A Vajrayana practice with mantra and visualization on Chenrezig (the Bodhisattva of Compassion)

This practice is open to anyone who wishes to participate.
Please try to arrive fifteen minutes in advance. However late comers are always welcome.
Free or by donation.
7:30 Fridays at Kampo Gangra Drubyudling Buddhist Meditation Centre.
Free or by donation. _____________________________________________
Tuesday Shamatha (mindfulness) Meditation

Tuesday evenings at 7pm the centre hosts traditional Buddhist mindfulness meditation. The sessions last for one hour with both sitting and walking meditation as is available to all. Feel free to drop in any Tuesday.
Free or by donation.

7:00pm Tuesdays at Kampo Gangra Drubyudling Buddhist Meditation Centre.